Double Digital Studios is a new generation production company combining Creative Development, Advertising, Visual Effects, Motion Design, Branded Advergame and AR applications. We provide quality production and service to deliver a visual style, tone and manner that is distinct, engaging and entertaining.

Building on our core skill set of creating & developing applications, film production, visual effects and animation, we are driven by dedication, experience and a creative mindset; Double Digital Studios along with our VFX partners and dynamic task force flourish in delivering a first rate service and product to you.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Double Digital Studios was founded in March 2008 by Application Developer, Film & Visual Effects Director Timothy Jon Grass with over 27 years of production and post production experience and Geraldine Cecilia an accomplished marketing professional with over 20 years of work experience in Marketing & Communications. Double Digital provides a range of customized services: production and visual effects work for television and advertising, gaming and software development, visuals design for stage and theatre performance, and project management.

Our mindset is visualizing beyond boundaries, seeing the convergence of technologies, while developing leadership and innovation.