Our in-house software Minerva brings real time environments to the stage and theater.  We are excited to announce the first version of Minerva, our in-house software for visual performance built with Unity Pro.

Minerva allows the visual artist control over a pre-composed scene at run-time. This means that during technical rehearsal changes can be made to camera position, pan and tilt, field of view, color and motion without the need to re-render looped sequences.

At the core, is the Director and Production Designer’s shot-box allowing for a number of variations for the current scene to be instantly recalled, should there be a change in staging, blocking, horizon perspective or the Director just wants to check angles during technical rehearsal.

For the visual performer, triggers enable cue-based color changes, filters, time-lapse, cloud direction and movement, smoke and wind, sunlight positioning and fade in/out to black.

No More Loops

The real time functionality of Minerva is procedural animation and AI. This is used for birds, butterflies and other enhancements that can be added and move randomly throughout a scene. Minerva uses real time reflections, particles, atmospheric and lighting effects.

Any Seat In The House

Minerva can also preview a background from any seat in the theatre, giving the Director a virtual view of staging that incorporates the visual layouts, to check horizon lines and the perspective of projected backgrounds prior to bump-in and technical setup.