A “fruity” game that gets your adrenalin charged, prompting you to want to beat your last high score. All it takes is simply to be swift and accurate.

The game is staged in a 3D environment featuring exotic tropical fruits that seems bizarre to those who are not familiar. Descriptions about these fruits are available in the ‘Fruit Info’ section of the game. You’ll be bowled over at the size of the largest citrus fruit in the world, the weight of the largest tree borne fruit or the peculiar taste of the King of fruits and the delectable Queen of fruits that are known to the locals in South East Asia.

Played in a street market with a striking and artistic mural in the background detailing a colourful and cheerful Malaysian skyline. Big bright vibrant umbrellas scattered along the streets are a typical scene of a farmers’ or street market in a South East Asian town. The background ambience of traffic, chatter of customers haggling with the hawkers immerses you in the market environment. The snappy upbeat music is a fun accompaniment as you sort out all the fruits.

Check out all the details on the Fruit Smack game page or the Fruit Smack Facebook page.