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The Twisties Life AR and Irretwistible Twisties Game was created to add on a twisted feel and to compliment the Twisties Life’s Better Twisted marketing and promotion campaign. The AR and Game application was specially designed for Twisties Malaysia and is available for free at the App Store and Google Play.


For the Twisties Life Augmented Reality, the Twisties logo and the Daily Twist promotional items such as shelf display A Cards, Tee Shirts and Posters act as markers to trigger aspects of the promotion in AR. By simply aiming your mobile device at the target you are able to lock onto these markers and see that Life’s Better Twisted.


The centre of desire is your pack of Twisties. Set in a 3D environment this fun and addictive IrreTwistible Twisties Game was designed to tests your reflexes, speed and accuracy. The hands of a Cave Man, Yeti, Zombies, Robots and even Aliens will suddenly appear to try to snatch your pack of Twisties. Snatchers hands will constantly creep in from all four sides of your mobile device to steal your favourite snack. Stop them and safeguard your Twisties by tapping on the pesky hands to get rid of them when they try to sneak in. But beware. This could get fast, furious and frantic as you level up.

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