Fruit Smack

Double Digital Studios

Be fast, swift, accurate and don’t get smacked by the cheeky monkey.

Fruit Smack

A fun and challenging game, all you need is to be fast and accurate to gain a high score on the global leader board. Play now on Facebook

Set in a 3D environment the game features local tropical fruits from Malaysia. If you are not familiar with these luscious and delectable fruits and are curious to know more, go to “Fruit Info”, you’ll be amazed at the size of the largest citrus fruit in the world or the weight of the largest tree borne fruit.

The colourful and cheerful background of a Malaysian skyline is depicted by a striking and artistic mural. The mood lighting for the three game modes are dawn, noon and dusk. You could use your headphones for better sound effects and ambience. The game encompasses elements of Visual Discrimination.

How To Play

The tropical fruits delivered to the farmers’ market are all mixed-up. Help the farmers sort out their fruit as fast as you can into the correct basket before the shoppers arrive. Get rewarded for your effort.

Different types of baskets will appear randomly. The speed and variety of fruit increases as you progress in the game. Do make sure you catch the Tropical Elixir and bonus Golden and Platinum fruit.

Beware of fruit without matching baskets and don’t get smacked with a fruit by the cheeky monkey as the speed and pace picks up. Three game modes: Easy, Tricky and Pro, 60 stages per mode which means 180 stages for your entertainment. Play using your Facebook login so your high score is saved to the leaderboard. You will get a global ranking or ranking amongst your Facebook friends.

The game is over if you miss catching the fruit three times or catch a rotten fruit.

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What is visual discrimination?

Visual Discrimination is the ability to distinguish, recognize and identify visible likeness, differences and details in visual imagery such as shape, form, colour, size, pattern, position and orientation.

Why are visual discrimination skills important?

In order to be able to distinguish between the various symbols and characters that comprises the written language. Visual discrimination problems and difficulty in identifying similarities or differences can lead to a setback in reading, writing and spelling.